Video production

If your band needs a professional visualiser / lyric-video / promo video, just get in touch. We can do the edit and provide footage.

It can be just a simple lyric video or a combination of lyrics & video material you provide. On this page you can find some examples of music videos.

Prestige: Innocent - music video (Massacre Records 2021)

Prestige: Exit (Massacre Records 2020)

Imperia: Fear Is An Illusion (2019)

Temple Balls: What Is Dead Never Dies

Dark Sarah - Aquarium

WINTER SUN by Eric Peterson & LEAH

Know Your Nemesis - Fade Away

Testament: Brotherhood Of The Snake - Official Lyric video

Red West: Desert Snow


Dragonlord: Dominion

Leah: Dragonborn Comes

Amberian Dawn: Ladyhawk

Dark Sarah - album trailer

Imperia: Dream Away - music video

Imperia: To Valhalla I Ride (Massacre Records 2020)

Doom Unit: Black Day Comes (2019)

Korpiklaani: Kotikonnut

Misanthropia: The Eagle and the Hare

Serious Black: Burn Witches Burn


Anthriel: Under Burning Skies

Yandia: Scientist (2015)