News of 27.01.2012  YouTube
Happy new year! Added “Invictus” clip on YouTube, never released before! You find it here

News of 25.09.2011   New website
New website is up & things start rolling, more news to follow!

News of 19.03.2008   Update
Just a quick update here: the guys are concentrating on the
songwriting for the next album and some tunes are already getting in
shape, we’ll keep you informed about the progress!

News of 24.12.2007   Merry Xmass
A Merry Xmass and Happy New Year to all! The year 2008 will see
the release of the next Satyrian album, please remember to follow this
space for further news! Greetings from the Satyrian family!

News of 15.11.2007   SATYRIAN REMIX
In related news: The new Dreamside
compilation CD “13th Chapter” features a Satyrian Remix of the song “In
Longing”. The remix was done by Satyrian’s Jan Yrlund. Furthermore, the
Dreamside features Satyrian members Kemi, Roman and Merijn. The
compilation is released through Dancing Ferret.

News of 5.06.2007   UPDATE
The writing process for the new Satyrian album has started! The guys will
take their time for the preparations, but they will also inform you
about the progress. Satyrian will hit the studio later this year for the
recordings of the upcoming album, which will be released through Lion
Music, as their previous album “Eternitas”.

News of 28.04.2007   NEW COMPILATION 2CD

SATYRIAN is featured with the song “The Dark Gift” on a new double compilation CD called Gothic Spirits 5. This is a German release by Zyx Music
and it features many known bands in the genre like Lacuna Coil, Opeth,
Moonspell, Therion and others. You can click the pic on the right to
check it out and to order from