On the female vocals SATYRIAN introduces the Italian / Dutch singer Kemi Vita. She is the artist behind the gothic band “The Dreamside”.
With cult albums like “Pale Blue Lights”, “Apaika” (both on Nuclear
Blast), “Mirror Moon” and the compilation “Faery Child” she has
conquered the hearts of many fans in the gothic-rock scene and beyond.
The Dreamside just released their fourth full length, “Spin Moon Magic”.
The Bloodline is a project which Kemi is
running together with the vocalist Roman and beside these two bands she
has also performed with artists like Silke Bischoff, 18Summers, Love Like Blood, Born for Bliss, Angels and Agony and other bands. 

Next to Kemi also the beautiful voice of Judith Stüber (“Ciara”) can be heard on the female vocals. She was already attending Danse Macabre’s “Eva” sessions by singing three songs on that album. She participates also in the German progressive rock band Everon. As a professional studio-singer she can be heard on many different recordings, for ex. Dark At Dawn, Ancient Rites etc.

Featuring the vocalist, no one less than the gothic / electro producer Roman Schönsee. The resume of Roman is pretty impressive: next to his ex-band – the German gothic-metal band Pyogenesis (the albums “Twinaleblood” & “Unpop”) – he has composed songs for Silke Bischoff & 18 Summers (including the well received single hit “Girl of 18Summers” and “Sensation White”), The Dreamside and The Bloodline.
The second album of his “own” project The Bloodline will be released
early 2006. As a producer / re-mixer he has worked with such known names
in the gothic-scene as The Crüxshadows, Funkervogt, Shock Therapy and even Liquido with their chart breaker “Narcotic”, just to mention a few.

The Finnish composer and guitarist Jan “Örkki” Yrlund
has a long history in the (gothic) metal music genre, with more than 10
full lengths in his pocket. The most known of his ex-bands probably
being the popular gothic-rock band of Germany / Switserland, Lacrimosa.
The single “Schakal” and the album “Inferno” introduced Lacrimosa to
the metal-audience for the first time. The album included the club hit
“Copycat” and it entered in the Top 80 in Germany. Jan can also be seen
on couple of Lacrimosa videos, like “Copycat” and “Stolzes Hertz”. Next
to that Jan was the primary songwriter and co-producer of the last two
very well reviewed Ancient Rites albums
“Fatherland” and “Dim Carcosa”. With Ancient Rites he also released a
compilation album and a live CD + DVD. Other bands he has played in are
among others the Finnish Gothers Two Witches (“Vampire’s Kiss” – CD), dance/metal crossover project SinMasters (two MCDs + CD) and the Finnish thrashers Prestige with three full-lengths and some singles. And of course not to forget the both Danse Macabre albums “Totentanz” and “Eva” and also the MCD “Matters Of The Heart”, which he composed and co-produced.
Nowadays he also plays guitar in the opera-metal band Imperia and the Angel – project, which just released their debut album. Next to these he also participates in the international Delain – project.

n the piano & clean male vocals SATYRIAN introduces the German multi-talented artist of his own league: Oliver Philipps. With his band Everon
Oliver has been years on the top of the German progressive rock scene.
With Everon Oliver composes all the music, plays guitar, keyboard and
piano and even sings on the top of that. Everon has released six
full-length albums so far with excellent reviews. After some seven
productions together Jan and Oliver now join their forces for the same
band for the first time. Oliver already joined the band on the Finnish
summer-tour of 2003, but now the co-operation goes even further. Besides
all that Oliver is a co-owner and producer of the Space-Lab studio.

The Serbian bass-player Milos Marisevic is the
prototype of a rocker himself. This is how the bass rocks. Milos has a
past in different metal and rock bands back in Serbia, but also in The
Netherlands. Milos has been a full member of Danse Macabre
from the very first live line-up and by this he has played on every
single gig of Danse Macabre. He can be heard on Danse Macabre’s “Eva”
album of 2001 & “Matters Of The Heart” of 2002. He can be seen on
the “Danse Macabre”-video clip aswell. Next to this he runs a Gothic
club “The Cave Of SatyR” in Amsterdam with Jan.
And as last: Milos was kind enough to lend his left arm- tattoage
for the Satyrian band logo. So in this case the band adapted the logo
from his tattoage, and the bandmember didn’t tattoo the bandlogo – as
you see often. You can see the tattoo in the pic above.

Merijn Mol is the man with the sticks &
hits. Merijn has a long history in different kinds of bands, including
also one with Jan called Boobytrap (MCD in 1996). Merijn has also been a full member of Danse Macabre
from the very first show. He can be heard on both “Eva” and “Matters Of
The Heart”. On “Eva” and “Eternitas” he also plays percussions (djambe,
rainstick, bongos, egg, tambourine etc…). Since the summer of 2004 he
also plays drums with The Dreamside and he can be heard on their new album “Spin Moon Magic”, the single “Open Your Eyes” and the video of that song.