2024ImperiaDark Paradise12" VinylMassacre Records
2024ImperiaDark ParadiseCD DigipakMassacre Records
1carcosa2024LacrimosaSchakal 1994-2024Double CDHall Of Sermon
1carcosa2023PrestigeSelling The Salvation12 Vinyl in Black And Red colorsMassacre Records – MAS CD 1304
1carcosa2023PrestigeSelling The SalvationDigipak CD, re-releaseMassacre Records – MAS CD 1304
1carcosa2023Ancient RitesDim CarcosaRe-release by the Israeli label, CD digipak. New layout by DarkgroveRaven Music, Rav057
r-3222502-1424436881-4075-jpeg2023PrestigeAttack Against Gnomes12 Vinyl in Black And Red colorsMassacre Records
r-3222502-1424436881-4075-jpeg2023PrestigeAttack Against GnomesDigipak CDMassacre Records
2021PrestigeReveal The RavageJewelcase CDФоно Russia FO1655CD
2021PrestigeReveal The RavageDigipak CDMassacre Records
2021PrestigeReveal The Ravage12" Vinyl
Massacre Records
2021PrestigeExit / You Weep7" VinylMassacre Records
2021ImperiaThe Last HorizonDouble CDMassacre Records
2021ImperiaThe Last HorizonJewelcase CDФоно Russia FO1628CD
2021ImperiaStarlightDigital single + video clipMassacre Records
2021SatyrianInvictus MMXXDigital single + lyric video clipLion Music
2020PrestigeExitDigital single + video clipMassacre Records
2019Imperia"Mirror" song on Gothic Metal Box, released 30.8.20194 CD compilation CDGoldenCore Records (gcr) GCR BOX 030
2019Imperia"Norway" song on Gothic Rock Box, released 5.4.20194 CD compilation CDGoldenCore Records (gcr) GCR BOX 029
2019ImperiaFlames Of EternityBlack vinyl 12"Massacre Records
2019ImperiaFlames Of EternityWhite vinyl 12"Massacre Records
2019ImperiaFlames Of EternityCDUnknown Russian bootleg
2019ImperiaFlames Of EternityDigipakMassacre Records
2019LacrimosaZeitreise2 CD Compilation bandHall Of Sermon
2019LacrimosaInferno2 LPNortheast Steel Industry ‎– NESV-L004 - China
2018Imperia"Motherlove" song on "Finest Selection Of: Gothic Rock" 2CD compilation 2 CD CompilationZyx Music (Zyx) MUS 81266-2
2018PrestigeGods REVISITED (New recording + 1988 demo) MCPrestige
2018PrestigeForce of my Hate song on "Real Delusion" compilationCDSvart Records
2018PrestigeForce of my Hate song on "Real Delusion" compilation2 LPSvart Records
2017ImperiaMy Screaming Heart on Symphic & Opera Metal vol 32 CDGoldencore Records GCR 81072-2
2017LacrimosaInfernoCDOz Productions ‎– CD 5OF14 - Mexico
r-9274059-1478132611-2343-jpeg2016DelainLucidity 10th Anniversary (Benelux edition)2 LP gatefold, Gold discRoadrunner Records ‎– 081227942939
r-9274059-1478132611-2343-jpeg2016DelainLucidity 10th Anniversary2 LP gatefoldRoadrunner Records ‎– 081227943585
r-9274059-1478132611-2343-jpeg2016DelainLucidity 10th AnniversaryCD + 4 BonusRoadrunner Records ‎– 081227943592
mi00040334032016ImperiaMotherlove on Dark Metal vol 12 CDGolden Core Records
GCR 810692
81qtdsozpel-_sl1200_2016ImperiaBroken Wings on Gothic Spirits Box3 CDGolden Core Records (ZYX)
14368686_1321198057925073_9208873006457675980_n2016ImperiaNorway" on Full Rock & Metal6 CD BoxWorld of (ZYX) B01B3S4GJI
r-8508813-1463045116-2240-jpeg2016ImperiaCrossroads on Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol. 2 2 CDGolden Core ‎– GCR 81068-2
r-8267037-1458477415-3617-jpeg2015ImperiaTears Of SilenceCD + 2 bonusRussian bootleg / replica
r-8267037-1458477415-3617-jpeg2015ImperiaTears Of SilenceDigipakMassacre Redords
r-8267037-1458477415-3617-jpeg2015ImperiaTears Of SilenceCDMassacre Redords
14446209_1321913927853486_7177887775320942953_n2015ImperiaBraveheart on Gothic Box vol 34 CD BoxGolden Core Records (ZYX) B00Y1QGJX6
r-7746984-1447943798-1333-jpeg2015ImperiaCrossroads on Rocktribune 150 nov 2015 BelgiumCD compilationRocktribune
10665842_838844966160387_6730449322784560588_n2014ImperiaLike Rain on Best of Opera MetalCD compilationGCR 55054-2 – Zyx
10620670_838844946160389_6998995394308651496_n2014ImperiaHold On on Gothic Romance 6CD compilationGCR 81053-2 – Zyx
0902046419872013ImperiaBraveheart on Dark Ladies 4CD compilationGCR 55052-2 Zyx Music
91dazzqk4jl-_sl1500_2013ImperiaViolence on Opera Metal - The Ultimate Collection Box set 4 CD BoxGolden Core (Zyx)
queenofpassion22013ImperiaQueen Of PassionDigital CompilationMassacre Records
2013Lacrimosa Inferno (20th anniversary deluxe edition)2 CDEnd Of The Light B00D7DTRMY
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2012DelainLucidityCD Re-issue, JapanRoadrunner Records ‎– WPCR-14633
r-3674037-1339849446-7367-jpeg2012ImperiaViolence on "Opera Metal vol 7"CD compilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55036-2
r-1988953-12570209682012Ancient RitesFatherlandLPBootleg. CD version released on 12" vinyl. The covers scanned and enlarged.
r-3863737-1347305792-1660-jpeg2011ImperiaLike Rain on Gothic Spirits (Dark Ladies 2) CD compilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55034-2
0902046266182011ImperiaLike Rain on Gothic Compilation 14CD compilationZyx Music
r-5041717-1382906059-8339-jpeg2011ImperiaSecret PassionCD + BonusRubicon Music (Japan)
r-7881328-1450813403-7564-jpeg2011ImperiaOut Of Sigh on "gothic Compilation 15"CD compilationBatbeliever Releases ‎– BAT 077
2011LacrimosaSingles Collection Revisited Double CDEnd Of The Light ‎– EOL007 , USA
r-3399172-1328891263-jpeg2011ImperiaFragile on Opera Metal vol 6CD compilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55032-2
gothlove2011Imperia"Broken Wings" on Gothic Romance 42CD CompilationZyx Music
mi0003197211-12011Imperia"Out Of Sight" on Gothic Spirits 13CD compilationZyx Music
single2011ImperiaLet DownDigital SingleMassacre Records
cover_agfg_final2011Two Witches"Burn the Witch" on Another Gift From Goth2CD CompilationStrobelight Recorss
r-5041717-1382906059-8339-jpeg2011ImperiaSecret PassionDigipakMassacre Records
r-5041717-1382906059-8339-jpeg2011ImperiaSecret PassionCDMassacre Records
r-2681591-1296345363-jpeg2010ImperiaBraveheart on "Opera Metal vol. 5" compilationCD CompilationZyx Music
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2010DelainLucidityCD USA versionSensory ‎– SR3053
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2010DelainSee Me in Shadows song on Gothic Romance 2 - The Best Goth Love SongsCD CompilationZYX Music ‎– GCR 81028-2
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel", year and country unknownDouble CDEnd Of The Light ‎– EOL 004 Double CD in jewel case.
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CD, Limited Edition, DigipakIrond ‎– IROND CD 10-1701/1 (Russia) Digipak version
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CD, Limited Edition Irond ‎– IROND CD 10-1701 (Russia)
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CD, Limited Edition Hall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 8020, Scarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC0558-LTD USA version
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CDIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 641 (Argentina)
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"3 × Vinyl, 12", Compilation Scarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC-05558-LP
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC0557-0 (Mexico)
r-3059846-13139355532010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CDHall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 8020, Hall Of Sermon ‎– 27361 97522
2009LacrimosaThe Live HistoryDVDHall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 7824, Rock Empire Music ‎– HOS 7824 (Taiwan)
2009LacrimosaB Side In Heaven 1993-1999 CD CompilationRock Empire Music ‎– MMMF-2268 (Taiwan)
2009LacrimosaThe Singles 1993-2009 Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
8 × CD, Maxi-Single
Scarecrow Records (2) ‎– SR0474-BOX
2009LacrimosaThe Singles 1993-2009 Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
8 × CD, Maxi-Single
Scarecrow Records (2) ‎– SR0474-BOX (Mexico)
2009LacrimosaInfernoMCNot On Label (Lacrimosa) ‎– Russia Bootleg
2009LacrimosaInfernoMCMoon Records (2) ‎– none (Ukraine bootleg)
2009Two WitchesInner Circle OutsidersDouble CDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SR0479-2
2009LacrimosaInfernoMCMetal World (2) ‎– none (Belarus bootleg)
2009LacrimosaInfernoCDNot On Label ‎– CM0057 (China bootleg)
2009LacrimosaInfernoCDRock Empire Music ‎– HOS 761 (Taiwan)
2009LacrimosaBest OfCDD.K. & Moon Producing Centre – 173 - Ukraine bootleg
r-1836316-1246741788-jpeg2009Sinmastersinnocence.lostCDShadowplay Records (Russia)
r-1412233-1217767226-jpeg2008SinmastersSubmissive on "sündenfall 7" compilation2CDIndigo/ upscene
555695_455420281169526_412306767_n2008Imperia2 songs on Macig Circle Festival 2DVD2DVD121522207; 2DVD on one Disc. Russian bootleg
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2008ImperiaQueen Of LightCDMystic Empire (Russia)
r-4226223-1359068682-4993-jpeg2008Imperia"Norway" on Fireworks Compilation Compilation magazineFireworks #31 (UK)
r-7765576-1448310907-7431-jpeg2008SinmastersSinMasters on Dark Spy compilationCompilation magazineDark Spy #21 (Germany)
r-3252179-1322423636-jpeg2008DelainSee Me In A Shadow on Opera Metal CD CompilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55006-2
r-7801994-1449075198-7948-jpeg2008DelainSee Me In A Shadow (Single Edit) on Beautiful Voices III CD CompilationNuclear Blast
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2007ImperiaQueen Of LightCDLocomotive Records (USA version)
555695_455420281169526_412306767_n2007Imperia2 songs on Macig Circle Festival 2DVD2DVDMalaysia. Brutallica Production; MA 9015; 2DVD, Bootleg
555695_455420281169526_412306767_n2007Imperia2 songs on Macig Circle Festival 2DVD2DVDMagic Circle Music
r-2696156-13338843282007DelainLucidityCD Japan versionRoadrunner Records ‎– RRCY-21294
1dream2007The DreamsideRemix of "In Longing"CDDancing Ferret
r-2395610-1281675759-jpeg2007PrestigeDecades Of DecayDouble Digipak / Best of CompilationPoko Rekords / EMI
r-2175137-1268058515-jpeg2007DelainSee Me In ShadowCDS limitedRoadrunner Records ‎– RR 3872-3
r-1215705-1201348735-jpeg2007DelainFrozen - Song Bring Back The Balls To RockCD CompilationHPZ Recordings ‎(Holland)
r-1215705-1201348735-jpeg2007DelainFrozen - Song on 13th Street (The Sound Of Mystery 4) CD CompilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 81013-2
r-3496056-1332768752-jpeg2007DelainFrozen - Song on La Nouvelle Vague Hollandaise CD Compilation - PromoMusicXport ‎– none
r-1879081-1401914653-4378-jpeg2007DelainFrozen - Song on Fields Of RockCD CompilationCNR Music ‎– 22 22347-2
r-2131924-1346184685-8722-jpeg2007ImperiaNorway - song on 13th Street - The Sound Of Mystery vol IIICD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
r-3250155-13223469982007ImperiaBroken Wings -on GothicSpirits - Another RunCD Compilationc&b / Zyx Music (Germany)
r-1497216-1224121658-jpeg2007Sinmastersinnocence.lostCDCDC Finland ‎– CDC424696-9
r-961475-1179318868-jpeg2007ImperiaFly Like The Wind on Maximum Rock Magazin #28 Compilation MagazineRomania Promusic Productions
r-961475-1179318868-jpeg2007ImperiaMirror on Large CD Compilation NLCD CompilationLarge
r-6073973-1410380779-8290-jpeg2007ImperiaBroken Wings -song on Gothic Spirits vol. 52 CD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
r-6073973-1410380779-8290-jpeg2007SatyrianThe Dark Gift -song on Gothic Spirits vol. 52 CD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2007ImperiaQueen Of LightDigipak + videoMassacre Records
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2007ImperiaQueen Of LightCDMassacre Records
r-940397-1175376259-jpeg2007SatyrianThe Dark GiftDigi- MCDIronD
r-2218692-1270504390-jpeg2007DelainFrozenCDS limitedRoadrunner Records ‎– RR 3940-2
r-2218692-1270504390-jpeg2007DelainFrozenCDSRoadrunner Records
r-940397-1175376259-jpeg2006SatyrianThe Dark GiftDigi- MCDLion Music
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2006DelainLucidityCD ArgentinaIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 291
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2006DelainLucidityCD Roadrunner Records ‎– RR 8057-2
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2006DelainLucidityCD + EnchantedRoadrunner Records ‎– RR 8057-2
61ahfdv3aml2006SatyrianEternitas-song on Gothic Spirit vol. 42 CD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
61ahfdv3aml2006SatyrianInvictus-song Maximum Rock Magazin # 22CD CompilationProMusic Productions (Romania) ORDA - A2200286 00248
r-930165-1174069883-jpeg2006SatyrianEternitasCDIROND (Russia)
r-7298096-1438294556-5362-jpeg2006SatyrianInvictus-song on Close Up #84Compilation magazineClose Up (Sweden)
2006LacrimosaMusikkurzfilme + Lichtgestalten EP LTDDVD, DVD-Video,
CD, EP, Limited Edition
Icarus Music ‎– ICARUS 641 (Argenyina)
2006Lacrimosa15th Anniversary - InfernoLimited Deluxe Edition
2 CD Digipakt
Scarecrow (Mexico) SC2020LTD
2006Lacrimosa15th AnniversaryLimited Deluxe Edition
9 double CD boxset
Scarecrow (Mexico)
2006LacrimosaMusikkurzfilme + Lichtgestalten EP LTDDVD, DVD-Video
CD, Single
Irond ‎– IROND DVD/CD 06-36 (Russia)
2006LacrimosaInferno CDMoon Records (2) ‎– MR 1872-2 (Ukraine)
album2006AngelA Woman's Diary - Chapter ICDIROND (Russia)
r-930165-1174069883-jpeg2006SatyrianEternitasCDLion Music
r-2826453-13027914122005AngelFallen Angel - videoclipDVD Label CompilationBlack Lotus Records
r-2589586-12919876262005AngelFlames Of DesireCompilation magazineGothic #49
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDMoon Records ‎– MD-0466-0 (Ukraine)
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDIcarus (Argentina)
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDHellion (Brasil)
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilme + Live HistoryDVDBootleg Russia
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVD SlipcaseIrond ‎– IROND DVD 05-36
2005LacrimosaGreatest Hits MCVigma ‎– 555 - Belarus bootlegh
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC05225
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDHall Of Sermon / Nuclear Blast HOS 7910
2005LacrimosaCD Lacrimosa MP3 Collection 1 (Russia) MP3 CDIcarus
2005AngelA Woman's Diary - Chapter ICDBlack Lotus Records ‎– BLR CD 093
2005AngelA Woman's Diary - Chapter ICDBlack Lotus Records ‎– BLR CD 093
album2005AngelA Woman's Diary - Chapter IDigipak + ClipBlack Lotus Records
rt2005AngelFallen Angel on RocktibuneMagazine CompilationRock Tribune Magazine ‎– RT 0504
twsaints2005Two WitchesSaint's & Sinners2 CD CompilationAusfahrt GmBh
2005Lacrimosa"Stolzes Herz video" on Starfacts Presents 15 Jahre Gothic Metal CD, VCD, Compilation Starfacts
2005Lacrimosa"Copycat - Video Clip" - on Satura CDCD + clipSail Prod. (Korea)
angelsingle2005AngelDon't Wanna RunMCDBlack Lotus Records
2005LacrimosaMp3 Collection CD 1 CDRMG Records ‎– RMG 1754 MP3
2005LacrimosaSingles Collection + bonus trackDouble CDScarecrow Records (Mex)
2005LacrimosaThe Live History DVDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC04108
2005LacrimosaThe Live History DVDIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 94
2005LacrimosaInferno CDIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 109 (Argentina)
two_witches-the_singles_collection-frontal2005Two WitchesThe Singles CollectionCDShadowplay (Russia)
2005AngelLead You Through Fire on Brutal Compilation Magazine CompilationMetal Hammer ‎– none
1nachtsnew2004Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on Nachtswärmer - Die Klassiker IDouble CDAngel Star
2004LacrimosaB-Seiten: Single CollectionCDSail Productions ‎– 678979 (Hong Kong)
2004LacrimosaB-Seiten: Single CollectionCDSail Prod. (Korea)
2004LacrimosaThe Live History CD RomNot On Label (Lacrimosa) ‎– MS-3086 (Russian bootleg) Year?
2004LacrimosaThe Live History DVDIrond ‎– IROND DVD 04-11
1schattenreich22004Lacrimosa"Stolzes Herz - Video Clip" - on Schattenreich DVD DVD CompilationGun Records / BMG
2004Danse MacabreTotentanzCDIrond ‎– IROND CD 04-587/DD92 (Russia)
plastic12004Two Witches"Dreamworld '94 - Deep Sleep Mix" - on Plastic Sampler Vol. 1 . Compilation CDPlastic Passion
r-3853079-1429815588-1805-jpeg2003SinMastersSeducer & Crashing Down CDCD-Maximum (Rus) ‎– CDM 1202-1277
monsters_of_metal2003Lacrimosa"Copycat - Video Clip" - on Monsters Of Metal Double DVD CompilationNuclear Blast
1hhrpromo22003Ancient RitesMother Europe - Live Version on Hammerheart Promo Sampler IICDHammerheart Records
sangre2003Ancient RitesFatherland (Live) - On Sangre Y Fuego video CD compilationVideo Compilation magazineGoimusic
1ardvd2003Ancient RitesAnd the Hordes Stood as One DVDSound & Picture Ltd.
1and-the-hordes2003Ancient RitesAnd the Hordes Stood as One CDHammerheart Records
2003LacrimosaInferno / Schakal Double DigipakIronD Records (Rus)
2003Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness ClassixCompilation CDNuclear Blast
2003LacrimosaInfernoMCMade in Ukraine by MOON Rec.
2002LacrimosaInferno / Schakal CD + EPScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC02020-0
2002LacrimosaInferno / Schakal MCMystic Productions (Pol)
evapd2002Danse MacabreEVA 12" Picture diskHammerheart Records
2002Danse MacabreMatters Of The Heart MCD + 2 videosHammerheart Records
2002LacrimosaInferno / SchakalCDIrond ‎– IROND CD 02-380
2002LacrimosaInfernoCDMonsters Of Rock ‎– MOFR 00067 (Russia)
2002LacrimosaInferno + bonustrack DigipakScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC02020 (Mexico)
r-441780-11139492112002Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano Version)" - on Orkus presents the Best of the 90s II Compilation CDZoomia
2002Danse MacabreCypress Tree on Rapaces – Experiment IICD CompilationCabbal Production ‎– CPII (France)
ozsampler2002Danse Macabre"Danse Macabre (Remix)" - on Music for Generation ArmageddonLabel CompilationHammerheart Records
screen-2012-11-28-kohteessa-1-03-082002Danse Macabre"Danse Macabre" - on Promo Sampler vol. ILabel CompilationHammerheart Records
screen-2012-11-28-kohteessa-1-03-082002Danse Macabre"Cypress Tree" - on Promo Sampler vol. ILabel CompilationHammerheart Records
2002Danse Macabre"Danse Macabre" - on Oz Magazine nr. 17 Compilation magazineOz Productions (Mex)
2002Ancient RitesAnd the Horns Called for WarVideo ClipSound & Picture Ltd.
2001Danse MacabreEVACassetteUkraina
2001Danse MacabreDanse MacabreVideo ClipSound & Picture Ltd.
1eva2001Danse MacabreEVA CDHammerheart Records
2001LacrimosaCrusifixio (93-95 Clips + Silent Clips together)VHS compilationMonster Video
2001LacrimosaGreatest Hits 2001CDRussian bootleg CD
vinylbox-s2001Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on 7LP Vintage Classix 7LP BoxNuclear Blast ‎– NB 780-9
2001Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano version) " - CHAKAL (PIANO VERSION)" - on 7LP Vintage Classix 7LP BoxHall Of Sermon
2001Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on In A Gothic Spirit Double CD CompilationClub Dial
2001LacrimosaInfernoCDSail Productions (Kor)
r-6335443-1416751012-9216-jpeg-12001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla (Last Man Standing) on Soundcheck #46Compilation magazineClose-Up Magazine ‎– CUC 015
r-6335443-1416751012-9216-jpeg-12001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)WHH Wizard Ltd. Bulgaria ‎– WHH 200.754
dim-poland2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)Mystic Productions (Pol)
r-5185248-1386952743-6556-jpeg2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)Фоно ‎– F082MC - Ukraine
r-4196666-1481558080-6054-jpeg2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)Фоно ‎– F082MC - Russia
1actcom2001SinMastersActcom Label promobox Label Compilation + lighterActcom Music
terrorizer2001Ancient Rites??? - on Terrorized Vol. 13 Compilation magazineTerrorizer # 91 (UK)
r-150-2770713-13002829062001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla on 
Hard Rock N° 52

CD CompilationHard Rock – HRCD0052
r-5032239-1382648336-7616-jpeg2001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla on Voodoo Rock Machine Vol. 5 Magazine CompilationRiff
r-9202348-1479673874-6449-jpeg2001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla on A Sangre Y Fuego #02 Magazine CompilationGOI Music ‎– ASYF002CD
2001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla Video ClipSound & Picture Ltd.
big_manserock2001Prestige"Sniff - Videoclip " - on Manserock IlmiöCD-RomDigidea
big_manserock2001Prestige"Maggots" - song on Manserock IlmiöCD-RomDigidea
sampler2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on Summer Sampler Label CompilationHammerheart Records
sampler2001Ancient Rites"North Sea" - on Summer Sampler Label CompilationHammerheart Records
isrham2001Ancient Rites"North Sea" - on Israeli Metal Hammer Vol. 15 Compilation magazineHammer (Isr)
r-784072-1337603360-7219-jpeg2001SinMastersCrashing Down MCDActcom Music ‎– ACTCD008
2001Danse Macabre"Danse Macabre" - on GOI Music Sampler IICompilation magazineGOI Music ‎– GOIPR 02
2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on GOI Music Sampler ICompilation magazineGOI Music ‎– GOIPR 01
1rockhard2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on Dynamit Vol. 27Compilation magazineRock Hard (Ger)
2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on CD SamplerCompilation magazineMetalized (DK)
1ablaze2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on Ablaze # 37 Compilation magazineAblaze (Ger)
mysticart152001Ancient Rites"Exile (Les Litanies De Satan)" - on Mystic Art Vol. 15 Compilation magazineMystic Art (Pol)
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa Double Fold LPHammerheart Records
r-2975457-1309976411-jpeg-12001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa CD, RussiaФоно ‎– FO82CD
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa CDHammerheart America ‎– 7202000262
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa CDHammerheart Records
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa DigipakHammerheart Records
scenes_of_splendour2001Ancient RitesScenes Of SplendourCD-Rom BootlegLugburz
12wkansi2000Two WitchesAgony Of The Undead Vampire Pt. IICDActcom Music
r-8065889-1454483881-2985-jpeg2000SinMasters"Naughty (Again)" - on Actcom SamplerLabel CompilationActcom Music
carnival2000Two Witches"Maybe Next Year" - on Carnival Of SoulsCompilation CDNightbreed Recordings
dark_alternatives2000SinMasters"Naughty (Again)" - on Dark Alternatives Vol. I Compilation CDActcom Music
r-867146-1167168767-jpeg2000SinMastersSeducer MCDActcom Music ‎– ACTCD006
live_history2000LacrimosaThe Live History VHSHall Of Sermon
live_history2000LacrimosaThe Live History DVDHall Of Sermon
beauty_dvd2000Lacrimosa"Copycat - Videoclip" - on Beauty in Darkness Classics DVD CompilationNuclear Blast
beauty_dvd2000Lacrimosa"Stolzes Hertz - Videoclip" - on Beauty in Darkness Classics DVD CompilationNuclear Blast
2000Ancient RitesMother Europe on Israeli True Metal Force Vol.5CD CompilationMetal Hammer Israel ‎– 3117992
1999Lacrimosa300% Super Golden Hits '99 MCBlockhouse (2) ‎– none - Russian Bootleg
1999Lacrimosa300% Super Golden Hits '99 CDBraiton Universal Company ‎– BR 301 - Bootleg
first1999Ancient RitesThe First Decade 1989-1999 Compilation BandMascot Records
1feuersturm1999Ancient Rites"Fatherland"- on Morbid NoizzCD CompilationMorbid Noizz Productions ‎– 6th Issue '98/1st Issue '99
1blackend1999Ancient Rites"Fatherland"- on Blackend Vol. IV Double CD CompilationBlackend
r-1986466-12900909861999Ancient RitesFatherland + bonustrackCDToy's Factory (Japan)
r-4136292-1356536079-2889-jpeg1999Ancient RitesMother Europe on Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal CD CompilationEditions Freeway ‎– RS-EBM01
gothic_maladies1999Two Witches"Burn The Witch" - on Gothic Maladies Trible CD Box CompilationCleopatra Records
r-7165558-1435178255-9285-jpeg1998Ancient RitesFatherlandMC, Unofficial BootlegBulgaria
1feuersturm1998Ancient Rites"The Seducer"- on Feuersturm Vol. II Double CD CompilationCentury Media
r-150-2765723-13000436381998Ancient RitesFatherland on 

Hard Rock Extreme N°5

CD CompilationHard Rock – HRCDH-S5
1998Ancient RitesFatherland (limited) CD Purple CaseMascot Records
r-1988953-12570209681998Ancient RitesFatherland CDMascot Records
tot1998Danse MacabreTotentanz MC tapeMoon Records, Ukraine
tot1998Danse MacabreTotentanz CDMascot Records
1998Lacrimosa"Schakal" - on Morbid Noizz 3/98Compilation magazineMorbid Noizz
r-570204-11503082521998Lacrimosa"Schakal" - on Ghosts From the Darkside Double CD CompilationEFA / SPV
Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness MCAgat Company Ltd. ‎– 0287 (Russia)
r-656496-11440972841998Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on Nachtscwärmer Vol. I Double CD CompilationZoomshot / Angelwings
1997Lacrimosa The Clips Video CDHall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 1003 (Bootleg CD?)
1gothic21997Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Out Of The DarkCompilation CDGun Records
club_sampler1997Lacrimosa"Copycat" - in Extreme Clubhits Compilation CDSPV
1sclips1997LacrimosaThe Silent Clips VHS Compilation bandHall Of Sermon
1997Lacrimosa"Stolzes Hertz Videoclip" - on Beauty In Darkness Vol. II VHS CompilationNuclear Blast
1997LacrimosaSchakalCDRelease Records (3) ‎– RR 06 G - Russian Bootleg, year?
1997LacrimosaSchakalMC compilationB.O.G.O.R. ‎– Russian Bootleg
main1997MainCrashing UpCDSMain
1996LacrimosaStolzes Hertz Video ClipHall Of Sermon
1boobytrap1996BoobytrapLa Cura Della Follia MCDBoobytrap
bites_and_kisses1996Two WitchesBites And Kisses Compilation BandCleopatra Records
touched_2_1996Lacrimosa"No Blind Eyes Can See" - on Touched By the Hand of Goth part. II Double Digipak CompilationSub Terranean
1btdemo1996BoobytrapPromo - DemoMCBoobytrap
we_came_to_dance1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on We Came To Dance - Indie Dancefloor Vol. VII Compilation CDSub Terranean
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness MCMorbid Noizz Productions ‎– 120 (Poland)
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness MCValentine Sound Productions ‎– NE 276 (Malaysia)
1beauty_2_1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness DigipakNuclear Blast
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness CDNuclear Blast ‎– NB 166-2
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat"- on Doom-Death Collection 1996 MCMoon Records (2) ‎– 098
1996LacrimosaInferno MCAngel's Of Hell Records ‎– 105 (Russia)
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat Videopclip" - on Beauty In Darkness VHS CompilationNuclear Blast
1clipsb1996LacrimosaThe Clips 1993-1995 VHS Compilation bandHall Of Sermon
1995LacrimosaInferno CD (Russia)World Wide Fun Club, Unofficial
1995LacrimosaInferno CD (Japan)Belle Antique ‎– MAR 96264
1995LacrimosaInferno MCWizard Ltd. (Bulgaria) WNB 200.019
1995LacrimosaInferno MCMorbid Noizz Productions ‎– 060 (Poland)
1995LacrimosaInferno MCTakt Music (2) ‎– 5329 (Unofficial)
1995Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Rock Business Compilation CDCCM Marketing
r-404932-1127118975-jpeg1995Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series Compilation CDNuclear Blast ‎– NBCHECK02
r-1519281-1338830180-69341995LacrimosaInferno Double LPHall Of Sermon
1995LacrimosaCopycat Video ClipHall Of Sermon
r-946697-1184920958-11995Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on Gothic - Compilation Part. 5 Digipak CompilationA & M Music GmBh
touched_1_1995Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano version)" - on Touched by the Hand of Goth Double Digipak CompilationSub Terranean
r-954595-11769889831995Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano version)" - on Silent Order - The Stigmata Compilation Compilation CDStigmata / Ossia
r-1519281-1338830180-69341995LacrimosaInferno CDHall Of Sermon
r-1519281-1338830180-69341995Costello CompanyWe Are The Kings on "Hockey Fever" (singing background here)CDPoko Records HOCKEY 95
r-561324-1436294535-5750-jpeg1994Two WitchesBloody Kisses CDSMusic Research / Talitha
r-2564208-12906702081994LacrimosaSchakal CDSHall Of Sermon
r-5003671-1381865484-9845-jpeg1994Two WitchesVampire's Kiss CD / USACleopatra ‎– CLP 1182-2
rune1993Costello CompanyWe Are The Kings (backing choir)CDsPoko / Firefox ILVES 1993
1andromeda1993Two Witches"Maybe Next Year" - on Andromeda Compilation CDDiscordia Records
1andromeda1993Two Witches"Maybe Next Year" - on Andromeda Compilation CDDiscordia Records
318271_498290183550708_1810011929_n1993HeppihirviöKeppiä MCHeppihirviö
r-447899-1381864675-4999-jpeg1993Two WitchesVampire's Kiss MCCleopatra Records
r-447899-1381864675-4999-jpeg1993Two WitchesVampire's Kiss CD / USACleopatra ‎– CLEO 1182-2
r-545872-1438627100-6303-jpeg1993Two WitchesVampire's Kiss CDMusic Research / Talitha Records ‎– CD SATE 02
1992PrestigeSniffVideo ClipPoko Records
r-3901773-1348612057-3671-jpeg1992PrestigeParasites In Paradise MC (Chrome)Poko Records
r-3901773-1348612057-3671-jpeg1992PrestigeParasites In Paradise CDPoko Records
r-3901773-1348612057-3671-jpeg1992PrestigeParasites In Paradise LPPoko Records
screen-2016-12-24-kello-1-02-311990Prestige"Help The Science" - on ReindeerrockCompilation CDDiverse
972261_10151665930784593_1993578133_n1990PrestigeSelling The Salvation on Info Greatest Hits MCMC (Chrome)Info
r-6022685-1409061082-1784-jpeg1990PrestigeSelling The Salvation MC (Chrome)Tact ‎– 440 Poland
r-3222487-1325281695-jpeg1990PrestigeSelling The Salvation MC (Chrome)Poko Records
r-3222487-1325281695-jpeg1990PrestigeSelling The Salvation CDPoko Records POKOCD 52
r-2520506-1424436991-3534-jpeg1990PrestigeSelling The Salvation LPPoko Records PÄLP 111
r-2520443-1288525152-jpeg1990PrestigePriest 12" Maxi singlePoko Rekords PIS 267-12
r-900707-1288524580-jpeg1989PrestigeVeijo - EP 7" EPPrestige
r-6468012-1419961037-6398-jpeg1989PrestigeAttack Against Gnomes MC (Chrome)G.B.B.S. Records ‎– E-50.1903
r-3191089-1319817747-jpeg1989PrestigeAttack Against Gnomes LPG.B.B.S. Records ‎– E-30.1903
r-6144274-1412259244-1509-jpeg1989PrestigeAttack Against Gnomes MC (Chrome)Poko Records
r-3222502-1424436881-4075-jpeg1989PrestigeAttack Against Gnomes CDPoko Records
r-3222502-1424436881-4075-jpeg1989PrestigeAttack Against Gnomes LPPoko Records

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