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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
Dual female vocals (from both the lovely Kemi Vita & Judith Stüber), the occasional melodic growls & clear pipes, the Goth vibe, and the neo-classically tinged melodies; does this sound like a recipe for clonage? No! Satyrian takes all these elements and molds them into a structurally sound song format along with the technical approach to create a sound of their own, combining the atmosphere of Winterlong, the Sisters of Mercy, late-period Fates Warning, and Children of Bodum, with a four-person vocal presence to add different personalities to the mix.

However, Eternitas is a dark record, very dark indeed, pondering upon the scope of sub industrial landscapes along the occasional edge of extreme aggression, which of course is used at appropriation rather than letting any harsh texture get in the way of the gloom ridden soundscape that Satyrian provides. Luckily Eternitas is not another clone of say, Lacuna Coil or The Gathering, for which there are the chaotic/symphonic moments (“Eternitas” & “Fall from Grace”), mood laden melodies (“The Dark Gift” & “No Tears No Embrace”) and of course the mysticism within the occasional balladry (“Feel the Rush” & “Sacred Lies”).

Much less cinematic, being more melodic; the record is higher on the accessible level, rather than turning out to be a ‘clone’ of some sorts, Satyrian are boldly arming themselves with a diverse arsenal of musical elements that provide a salvo of ear candy to the aural senses.

Added: June 27th 2006

Reviewer: Tommy Hash

Score: 4/5


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