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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com

Satyrian goes back to 2002, when the band was actually still called ‘Danse Macabre’, As Danse Macabre they released the album ‘Eva’. Judith Stüber joined the band here already for 3 songs. Danse Macabre went on tour having Judith, Kemi Vita (the Dreamside), and Roman Schönsee as guest vocalists. They became close friends on this tour and the guests were asked to become full members of the band. With these radical changes in the band the decided around June 2004 that a new name would be more appropriate. Satyrian was born.


Roman Schönsee – Vocals
Kemi Vita – Vocals
Judith Stüber – Vocals
Jan Yrlund – Guitars, Programming
Oliver Philipps – Piano, Vocals
Milos Marisevic – Bass
Merijn Mol – Drums & Percussion



Song review

01. Eternitas – 4.46
The first song is also the title track. It starts out with a classical piano intro, harder song has a good rhythm, and is very sing along. Good song to start the album with, it sets a mood you find on the whole album.

02. Invitcus – 4.12
This song has a darker atmosphere; it’s a song with full body, rough but well balanced. Features both female singers very well, you can hear quite well what they are about.

03. Feel the rush – 6.46
Is a bit more melodic which is good, after the first two faster songs. It’s a good song, a song of death that doesn’t make sound death that bad at all. Its also a chance to hear the beautiful clean vocals of Roman.

04. The legacy – 3.54
My legacy sounds a bit like the first two. Its good to sing along to, and to move.

05. The Dark Gift – 4.38
This sounds a bit more unique, it’s not your average gothic metal at this moment. Having men and women sing al together makes me appreciate a raw voice even more. The music itself has a more ritualistic beat.

06. Sacres Lies – 6.47
The ballad, features Kemi and Judith together, guided by a slow gothic rock melody. You can hear the medieval influences on this song.

07. Brigde of Death – 3.46
This is a folky medieval song, its starts out with just a few African drums, and rain pipes, during the songs only the drums and a few bells. Even though the song is so different it matches very well on this album, it’s a moment to sit back and relax.

08. Fall from grace – 4.31
This song matches more with the first few songs of the album. We have heard this sort of style in music more often and the female vocals remind me of Amy Lee (Evanescence).

09. No Tears, No Embrace – 5.05
This doesn’t have a much body as ‘fall from grace’, but the simplicity makes the song special in its own way. Kemi and Judtih are the most important part of the song.

10. Haunted – 4.13
Haunted begins with a mystical tone, the song consists of some quite standard singing and music, and every now and again gives a faint flute with a folky tone to it. In the middle of the song there is a pause, in which the singing almost gives me the chills.

11. This Dream – 5.16
This song is a bit slower and simpler, it wasn’t able to warm my heart. It doenst have much feeling to it.

12. Ewigkeit – 4.07
The album ends with this song. The Intro of the song tells me that the end is almost here. The singing in between reminds me a bit of the movie Titanic. And honestly, I like that movie! It’s a bit slower; it’s preparing you for the end of the cd. How appropriate for a last song.

Technical information

Total Playing time:
Total songs: 12


Music 8
Sound 8
Extra’s -
Total 8


It’s a good easy listening CD, Eternitas has a lot of different influences, which is good. The musicians show what they are capable of and show they have grown since “Eva”. It’s a band with loads of talent on board. The CD itself is mixed very well, it gives the songs the full body and power they need. If they play like this live, it would be an awesome band to watch. But first you will have to get the album so you can sing along!

Contributed by Jolijn Calle

Friday, 02 June 2006


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