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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
IThe history of Satyrian goes back to 1998, then under the name Danse Macabre. This band released two albums “Totentanz” in 1998 and “Eva” in 2001. The band started using the name Satyrian in 2003, with the core line-up still intact, but with change of vocalists. The members of the band have a long history in gothic and metal music and have played, or still play, in bands like Pyogenesis, Lacrimosa, The Dreamside, Everon, Imperia, Angel, The Bloodline ++. The recording of the debut album Eternitas started already back in 2002 in Spacelab Studio in Germany. Through the years the different musicians and guests formed a bond through touring and recording, and when singer Roman Schönsee, completed the line-up together with composer/guitarist Jan Yrlund, the two female singers Kemi Vita and Judith Stüber, plus Oliver Philipps, piano, orchestrations, Milos Maricevic, bass and Merijn Mol on drums. In 2004 the band headed back to Spacelab Studios to complete the still missing vocals on the album, and also some piano, bass and orchestral parts was recorded. In June 2004 the recordings were finished, and in the Autumn 2005 the band signed a deal with Lion Music.

Satyrian is a very interesting new gothic rock band. The album Eternitas contains twelve songs with a wide array of musical styles and influences. Heavy guitars, classical orchestration, piano, danceable beats, folk elements and a lot of other elements make their debut album something out of the ordinary. The band also uses three singers on the album and with two female clear voices and a rougher male voice I think they manage to make a good contrast between the singers on the album. The titletrack opens the album, it starts with piano from Oliver, before the rest of the band enters the song. An uptempo rock song where we get the chance to hear the three singers dueling perfectly throughout the song. The instrumental details and parts is fitted perfectly into the song. The next song Invictus, are very different from the first song, very heavy and with a industrial feel and the electronic elements also give the song a special feel. The band are shooting a videoclip for this song so stay tuned to check it out! Feel The Rush is one of my favorite songs with Kemi singing the lead vocals. A diverse song that sometimes is like a ballad and in other moments speeds up. The instrumental part with the dueling piano and guitar is really cool, and the end of the song with only piano and vocals is beautiful! My Legacy is a more straight forward commercial rock song, but also one of my favorite songs. Judith sings lead vocals on this song and the combination with the rough vocals from Roman in this song is cool. The Dark Gift is a song inspired by 80’s dark wave, the modern dance rhythm and the synths give the song a fine feel, the chorus is also nice! Sacred Lies is a pearl of a song, a duet between Judith and Kemi, the orchestration, the dark mood and the mid tempo give me a good relaxing feel. Bridge Of Death is a really fine acoustic folk song, and I got a feel from an old Jethro Tull song when I heard this. Fall From Grace is a more metal oriented faster song, the nice mid tempo melodic verses takes us to uptempo fine choruses. The guitarsolo that comes into the song after about three minutes is awesome! No Tears, No Embrace is also one of my favorite songs sung by Judith, a mid-tempo song with a beautiful melody and a really nice chorus. The acoustic guitars and the whole arranging of the song give me good vibes! The Haunted Lovers is in parts a more advanced song, but the choirs in the chorus are really fine listening. This Dream is sung by Kemi, Roman and Oliver, a song built up with different parts throughout and maybe the most progressive influenced song on the album. The vocals in the song is absolutely amazing to listen to! Ewigkeit makes a beautiful ending to this fantastic album from Satyrian, the ballad is sung perfectly by Judith and Kemi, and the piano on top makes it sound dreamy and moody.

Check out Satyrian now! you will not be disappointed!!

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