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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
This album from a band out of Amsterdam is perhaps best described as goth-metal. I'll be honest, a few of the tracks are a bit scary, but maybe that's what Satyrian's going for, and if that's the case, job well done! The one thing keeping this album from crossing over to the dark side, is actually two things—the band's pair of female vocalists, Kemi Vita and Judith “Ciara” Stuber. In contrast to their angry, or at least indifferent-sounding male counterparts, the ladies' strong but, obviously, feminine sound adds a folk element to this otherwise hard, industrial album. Eternitas is technically Satyrian's first album; members of the band had previously established themselves under another name, but the addition of new members led to the band's current name—and sound. Overall, the combination of layered vocals, guitar and piano make Satyrian's Eternitas original and haunting.

Written by Philippa Scowcroft

Rating: 3/5


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