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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
It's my duty to be honest with this review. And I have to confess this isn't the most original album in the world. But that doesn't bother me one jot, as I love this album from start to finish... well until the 11th of 12 tracks as my promo copy has a glitch that prevents me from hearing the finale.

Biggest plus point for me with Eternitas is the inclusion of Kemi Vita as one of the four vocalists. Her work with The Bloodline and The Dreamside is first class, as is her performance here. She's fast becoming my favourite Gothic vocalist. And I'm talking of the richer, darker variety, not the operatic stylings of Sharon Den Adel or Liv Kristine.

But great vocals alone don't make a great album. That comes down to the songwriting...

This is my catch 22 situation. I love what the band have created aurally, I just can't give them a particularly high score for originality. (Despite my thorough enjoyment of the album).
The title track is perfect at setting out Satyrian's stall (so to speak) for what's to come and is as infectious as it gets, with the vocals ably backed up by Oliver Philipps piano and Roman Schönsee's vocals (another Bloodline - Dreamside connection). The upbeat, almost danceable groove flows throughout the album. My Legacy and The Dark Gift hit the spot in the same way Tiamat did on Vote For Love. The latter also borrowing heavily from the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams. Still accessible, but coming from another direction, Fall From Grace and The Haunted Lovers are rockier, more original numbers. Elsewhere the pace drops for more serene moments. Feel The Rush has a more epic, dare I say, Doomy feel to it. This Dream is a lighters in the air ballad. While Bridge of Death, an acoustic Medieval ditty turns everything on it's head. One thing this album isn't is predictable. The ebb and flow of the styles took me a small while to get used to, but when absorbed, they then fitted together perfectly.

If the catchier side of Goth is your thing, you won't find many albums better than this. Listen with an open mind and simply enjoy. www.satyrian.com

Review by Steve Green

Link to the review: www.live4metal.com

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