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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
Formed in late 2002 from the ashes of three album veterans “Danse Macabre”, Satyrian hit the ground running with their new release through Lion Music. “Eternitas” is a confident collection of Gothic, darkly lyrical compositions and some beautifully orchestrated music. Elements of the Sisters Of Mercy, Evanescence and a touch of the Rammstein kind of intensity blend into an album of genuinely original ideas. The symphonic quality of the music, mixed with heavy end guitar lines and twin female lead vocals brings to mind a 2006 version of the Sisters… “This Corrosion” in many ways but has the added dimension of more reflective, almost ethereal piano lines that keep things very interesting indeed.

Whilst “Eternitas” as a piece of work sits firmly in the Gothic genre, the clever use of vocal style in the title track pits the female lead against interspersions of death metal grunt and yet a track like “Bridge Of Death” has an almost medieval/folk resonance and sitting right next to the double kick drum barrage of “Fall From Grace”. Where the band score highly is with the production, musically they’re faultless but the depth of the mix enhances the dynamics of the overall songwriting quality, really quite original.

I’m a bit of a virgin in respect of modern day goth rock, but if this is an example of the genre, then it deserves a little more investigation and may open my ears to a style that I’ve sadly overlooked. Clever music by a talented group of musicians and a worthy listen if you need a break from the more mainstream.

Review Steve Atkinson

Rating - 8/10

Link to the review: www.hardrockhouse.com

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