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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
Probably, Satyrian might be one of the first Gothic Rock/Metal oriented bands signed with Lion Music, which is known as guitar instrumental/prog metal label. I am guessing that this is bold move for Lion Music to pick up Satyrian for introducing them to diverse listeners out there. If my memory serves correctly, this band has released some music as different name like Dance Macabre. Later on, they have transformed into six piece symphonic gothic oriented band, Satyrian. Musically, they have definitely similarities with the bands playing epic and symphonic gothic metal flavors like Within Temptation and Tristania. With more upbeat elements and some immediate punchiness, I hope the songs of "Eternitas" might have also a good chance to appeal to other power metal and symphonic metal fans. One thing I am really surprised is the involvement from Everon's great musician/composer Oliver Phillips producing this album and playing keyboards with some his musical guidance to satisfy Satyrian's needs. Of course, you can not ignore and pass the female vocal works, whenever you encounter Gothic Metal music. Uniquely, this band features two etherial female vocals and a few male grunts and low-tone vocals complimenting each other. Overall, I enjoyed their solid song-writing skills and nice instrumentation with good production as well. If they keep making albums with right attitude, then Satyrian would have a big chance to build the status and popularity like After Forever and Dreams of Sanity. Their full-length debut album "Eternitas" is going to be accepted by the crowds of symphonic gothic metal.

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