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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
Satyrian is excisting since 2002, started as Danse Macabre. It was founded by Jan Yrlund, who you might know from Imperia, Angel, Delain and ex-Lacrimosa. As I see his name I directly put the link with Imperia, and thats no compliment. I've seen them live, a year ago, and that was not that good. But that's another story. Satyrian has three singers 2 female and one male. A part of the band is Dutch.

Eternitas starts with a beautiful piano intro and turns into a heavy guitar-riff. It is a very catchy song, after the first chorus I can sing along. Well done Satyrian! Luckely I have forgotten my prejudices according to the first paragraph. The vocals are very well done and I can live with the grunts. They are not too exaggerated, they fit in the music. At the album there are plenty of influences. Classical, Industrial, Dark rock and Folk but the main of the most songs stays metal. Besides the guitars there are also a lot of keys available. This is very nice.

When I listened to the album the first time there was one thing that attracted my attention: Bridge of Death. This song does fit on a lot of folk albums. But also this album grows by the song. It has more dimensions then a normal album. The mix between different styles is still my favourite. After a few metalsongs there is the last song Ewikeit. I wish the song was as long as its title. (Ewigkeit is German for eternal)

Jan Yrlund is a very good composer and I guess that this band will continiue to surprise us. Till now I think this is one of the best albums a newcomer can wish. But keep in mind that they are not newcomers. Because some of them play allready a very long time. Everyone who likes metal with a lot of different styles must have listened to this piece of work. Also a small mention to the artwork because Yrlund has created the artwork himself. He does this also for other bands like TYR en Korpiklaani.

Review was written by: after_eden

Rating: 85 /100

Link to the review: http://www.digital-steel.com/

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