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Satyrian: The Dark Gift - EP
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
Right off the heels of Eternitas, comes a remix record that explores an even more technical side to the bands dark musical passages. Similar to what OSI did with RE:Free, elements of techno, house, dance, and trip-hop find their way into the eight select tracks to only enhance the Gothic and metal atmosphere that was originally perpetrated as Satyrian’s musical stance.

The mixes on the EP vary, for example, “Fall from Grace” is highly upbeat, the title track is highly electronic, “No Tears, No Embrace” sounds solid enough to have possibly been an original recording, and “Invictus” is like a long lost Rammstein track; whereas the music/mixing style varies from track to track.

If The Dark Gift makes it on American mainstream radio it will be a massive success; the thing about Satyrian, is that they put musicianship first rather than succumb to corporate major label expectations. You cant deny that the melodies on The Dark Gift are much more fluid and intense than anything that you will hear on an Evanescence record, so take note.

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Added: December 30th 2006

Reviewer: Tommy Hash

Score: 4/5


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