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Satyrian: The Dark Gift - EP
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
Comments: This may be the first and the last time that you read a break beat club styled remix album on this rock and metal themed Web site. But if other bands can produce such fine music, then fans of the site should say "bring it on." Months after releasing Eternitas to solid worldwide reviews, European Goth metal act Satyrian is back with a remixed version of several of these tracks on their new EP offering The Dark Gift.

The word European is not more specific as the band has Germans, Nederlanders, Finns and Swedes. With Satyrian's diverse style that includes industrial beats normally the remixes highlight and expand upon the songs. The style of the heavy metal riffing also provides a nice contrast to the dance and techno beats. The consistencies of the songs are actually respected so that all the songs are recognizable. The deep eerie vocals of Roman Schonsee come across even harsher when the female deep and doll-like voices of the lovely Kemi Vita and Judith Stuber are brought to bear. A great example is "Invictus -Master of Fate Remix" done by Dreamside, here the beautiful voices and heavy metal guitars surge forward and are only enhanced by the nice effects and added beats.

The second cut is one of the two remixes of the song "The Dark Gift," this time it is "The Lygophilia Remix" also created by The Dreamside. Roman's vocals dominate this track as the beats once again make it all simply better. This remix sounds almost like a '80s New Order or Depeche Mode song. This is a really kick ass unique offering and one of the most original energetic albums in a long time for this genre.

The band is hard and deep dark and heavy so don't let the dance beats fool you this is 70% metal, 30% industrial style. It is recommended to anyone with ears that are functional, or a brain for that matter.

Band Members:

Roman Schönsee - vocals
Kemi Vita - vocals
Judith Stüber - vocals
Jan Yrlund - guitars, programming
Oliver Philipps - piano, vocals (on 07 & 11)
Milos Marisevic - bass
Merijn Mol - drums & percussion

Track Listing:

1. Invictus (Master of Fate ReMix)
Remix by The Dreamside
2. The Dark Gift (The Lygophilia ReMix)
Remix by The Dreamside
3. Eternitas (Infinite Synthesis)
Remix by TmV (The Shade Factory)
4. Fall From Grace (The Fallen Remix)
Remix by Örkki (SinMasters)
5. The Dark Gift (TimV Fused Radio Edit)
Remix by TmV (The Shade Factory)
6. No Tears, No Embrace (The Satyr's Cave Club Remix)
Remix by Örkki (SinMasters)
7. Ewigkeit (Ikuisuus Chill Out ReMix)
Remix by Örkki (SinMasters)

HRH Rating: 8.1/10

by Matthew Hoffman
Staff Writer


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