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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
Satyrian morphed out of Danse Macabre which will give you some clue as to the band’s musical style! It is an album of very well played and produced goth metal/rock, very reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy and up & coming UK band Season’s End. From the off it is a sea of orchestral keyboards, crunching guitars and a mix of clean female vocals and dark male vocals. The title track is simply superb and stands up to repeated plays, whilst ‘The Dark Gift’ despite its gentle musical backing hints at real menace in the vocals. Lyrically it has all the classic goth elements – blood, virgins, death, more virgins and eternity. ‘Invictus’ puts many similar bands to shame, with the only downside of the album being too many songs starting off with a low key piano/orchestral keys intro.

There are many goth metal bands out there, many of whom are pedestrian at best but Satyrian are one of the best ones out there. Go buy now!

Jason Ritchie

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