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Satyrian: Eternitas
Lion Music (2006) www.lionmusic.com
The early days of Satyrian was the band DANSE MACABRE, a band whose album I had bought some years ago. Now it is the time of Satyrian with their debut album "Eternitas" which was released through Lion Music last month. The band has included twelve songs and almost an hour of gothic/atmospheric metal music. From the opening track the band gives us what we are about to listen to in the next hour of their album. Definitely the band knows really well what they want to pass to the listener through their album and it is almost needless to say that their compositions are more than well worked and they have included some very interesting ideas and created some really impressive song structures. So as a typical gothic/atmospheric metal band, Satyrian have dual male and female vocals, with the male vocals sometimes being a bit more aggressive. The thing that I adored mostly in Satyrian, except of course for their music was the fact that I found their songs and arrangements very theatrical. It was a surprise for me and of course their production and sound are more than excellent. Generally Satyrian have gathered a lot of influences from rock to metal music and from classic to atmospheric. I believe that their new album is one of the best for this year in the gothic/atmospheric metal scene!

Official Site: www.satyrian.com
E-mail band: info@satyrian.com
E-mail label: info@lionmusic.com

Antonis Maglaras
Rating: 9/10

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