Back in february 1988 – 30 years ago – we were at our rehearsal bunker (literally as it was a bomb shelter) getting the band in shape and ready to record our first demo. The song “Force Of My Hate” was one of our best songs and it pretty much sums up what the band was about. The song has energy, aggression, grindcore beats, but also melodies and an easy to remember chorus. It’s what speed and thrash metal ment for us back in the day.

Who an earth would have thought that 30 years later the song would be available again for purchase on a VINYL? On a brand new release? Crazy thought right?

But it is! SVART records has released a splendid double LP  Real Delusions – The Finnish Speed & Thrash Metal Explosion 1987-1991

It’s an exellent look on the Finnish scene in the late 80’s, with bands like Stone, Airdash, Dethrone, Faff-Bay, NNS and many more! The release is available as double-LP and as a digipak CD

Read more about it here on the label’s website:

You can purchase the release from the label directly or for ex from Levykauppa X 

Force Of My Hate!