2019ImperiaFlames Of EternityBlack vinyl 12"Massacre Records
2019ImperiaFlames Of EternityWhite vinyl 12"Massacre Records
2019ImperiaFlames Of EternityDigipakMassacre Records
2019LacrimosaZeitreise2 CD Compilation bandHall Of Sermon
2018PrestigeGods REVISITED (New recording + 1988 demo) MCPrestige
2018PrestigeForce of my Hate song on "Real Delusion" compilationCDSvart Records
2018PrestigeForce of my Hate song on "Real Delusion" compilation2 LPSvart Records
2017ImperiaMy Screaming Heart on Symphic & Opera Metal vol 32 CDGoldencore Records GCR 81072-2
r-9274059-1478132611-2343-jpeg2016DelainLucidity 10th Anniversary (Benelux edition)2 LP gatefold, Gold discRoadrunner Records ‎– 081227942939
r-9274059-1478132611-2343-jpeg2016DelainLucidity 10th Anniversary2 LP gatefoldRoadrunner Records ‎– 081227943585
r-9274059-1478132611-2343-jpeg2016DelainLucidity 10th AnniversaryCD + 4 BonusRoadrunner Records ‎– 081227943592
mi00040334032016ImperiaMotherlove on Dark Metal vol 12 CDGolden Core Records
GCR 810692
81qtdsozpel-_sl1200_2016ImperiaBroken Wings on Gothic Spirits Box3 CDGolden Core Records (ZYX)
14368686_1321198057925073_9208873006457675980_n2016ImperiaNorway" on Full Rock & Metal6 CD BoxWorld of (ZYX) B01B3S4GJI
r-8508813-1463045116-2240-jpeg2016ImperiaCrossroads on Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol. 2 2 CDGolden Core ‎– GCR 81068-2
r-8267037-1458477415-3617-jpeg2015ImperiaTears Of SilenceCD + 2 bonusRussian bootleg / replica
r-8267037-1458477415-3617-jpeg2015ImperiaTears Of SilenceDigipakMassacre Redords
r-8267037-1458477415-3617-jpeg2015ImperiaTears Of SilenceCDMassacre Redords
14446209_1321913927853486_7177887775320942953_n2015ImperiaBraveheart on Gothic Box vol 34 CD BoxGolden Core Records (ZYX) B00Y1QGJX6
r-7746984-1447943798-1333-jpeg2015ImperiaCrossroads on Rocktribune 150 nov 2015 BelgiumCD compilationRocktribune
10665842_838844966160387_6730449322784560588_n2014ImperiaLike Rain on Best of Opera MetalCD compilationGCR 55054-2 – Zyx
10620670_838844946160389_6998995394308651496_n2014ImperiaHold On on Gothic Romance 6CD compilationGCR 81053-2 – Zyx
0902046419872013ImperiaBraveheart on Dark Ladies 4CD compilationGCR 55052-2 Zyx Music
91dazzqk4jl-_sl1500_2013ImperiaViolence on Opera Metal - The Ultimate Collection Box set 4 CD BoxGolden Core (Zyx)
queenofpassion22013ImperiaQueen Of PassionDigital CompilationMassacre Records
2013Lacrimosa Inferno (20th anniversary deluxe edition)2 CDEnd Of The Light B00D7DTRMY
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2012DelainLucidityCD Re-issue, JapanRoadrunner Records ‎– WPCR-14633
r-3674037-1339849446-7367-jpeg2012ImperiaViolence on "Opera Metal vol 7"CD compilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55036-2
r-1988953-12570209682012Ancient RitesFatherlandLPBootleg. CD version released on 12" vinyl. The covers scanned and enlarged.
r-3863737-1347305792-1660-jpeg2011ImperiaLike Rain on Gothic Spirits (Dark Ladies 2) CD compilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55034-2
0902046266182011ImperiaLike Rain on Gothic Compilation 14CD compilationZyx Music
r-5041717-1382906059-8339-jpeg2011ImperiaSecret PassionCD + BonusRubicon Music (Japan)
r-7881328-1450813403-7564-jpeg2011ImperiaOut Of Sigh on "gothic Compilation 15"CD compilationBatbeliever Releases ‎– BAT 077
2011LacrimosaSingles Collection Revisited Double CDEnd Of The Light ‎– EOL007 , USA
r-3399172-1328891263-jpeg2011ImperiaFragile on Opera Metal vol 6CD compilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55032-2
gothlove2011Imperia"Broken Wings" on Gothic Romance 42CD CompilationZyx Music
mi0003197211-12011Imperia"Out Of Sight" on Gothic Spirits 13CD compilationZyx Music
single2011ImperiaLet DownDigital SingleMassacre Records
cover_agfg_final2011Two Witches"Burn the Witch" on Another Gift From Goth2CD CompilationStrobelight Recorss
r-5041717-1382906059-8339-jpeg2011ImperiaSecret PassionDigipakMassacre Records
r-5041717-1382906059-8339-jpeg2011ImperiaSecret PassionCDMassacre Records
r-2681591-1296345363-jpeg2010ImperiaBraveheart on "Opera Metal vol. 5" compilationCD CompilationZyx Music
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2010DelainLucidityCD USA versionSensory ‎– SR3053
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel", year and country unknownDouble CDEnd Of The Light ‎– EOL 004 Double CD in jewel case.
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CD, Limited Edition, DigipakIrond ‎– IROND CD 10-1701/1 (Russia) Digipak version
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CD, Limited Edition Irond ‎– IROND CD 10-1701 (Russia)
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CD, Limited Edition Hall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 8020, Scarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC0558-LTD USA version
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CDIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 641 (Argentina)
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"3 × Vinyl, 12", Compilation Scarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC-05558-LP
2010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC0557-0 (Mexico)
r-3059846-13139355532010Lacrimosa "Schattenspiel"Double CDHall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 8020, Hall Of Sermon ‎– 27361 97522
2009LacrimosaThe Live HistoryDVDHall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 7824, Rock Empire Music ‎– HOS 7824 (Taiwan)
2009LacrimosaB Side In Heaven 1993-1999 CD CompilationRock Empire Music ‎– MMMF-2268 (Taiwan)
2009LacrimosaThe Singles 1993-2009 Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
8 × CD, Maxi-Single
Scarecrow Records (2) ‎– SR0474-BOX (Mexico)
2009LacrimosaInfernoMCNot On Label (Lacrimosa) ‎– Russia Bootleg
2009LacrimosaInfernoMCMoon Records (2) ‎– none (Ukraine bootleg)
2009Two WitchesInner Circle OutsidersDouble CDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SR0479-2
2009LacrimosaInfernoMCMetal World (2) ‎– none (Belarus bootleg)
2009LacrimosaInfernoCDNot On Label ‎– CM0057 (China bootleg)
2009LacrimosaInfernoCDRock Empire Music ‎– HOS 761 (Taiwan)
2009LacrimosaBest OfCDD.K. & Moon Producing Centre – 173 - Ukraine bootleg
r-1836316-1246741788-jpeg2009Sinmastersinnocence.lostCDShadowplay Records (Russia)
r-1412233-1217767226-jpeg2008SinmastersSubmissive on "sündenfall 7" compilation2CDIndigo/ upscene
555695_455420281169526_412306767_n2008Imperia2 songs on Macig Circle Festival 2DVD2DVD121522207; 2DVD on one Disc. Russian bootleg
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2008ImperiaQueen Of LightCDMystic Empire (Russia)
r-4226223-1359068682-4993-jpeg2008Imperia"Norway" on Fireworks Compilation Compilation magazineFireworks #31 (UK)
r-7765576-1448310907-7431-jpeg2008SinmastersSinMasters on Dark Spy compilationCompilation magazineDark Spy #21 (Germany)
r-3252179-1322423636-jpeg2008DelainSee Me In A Shadow on Opera Metal CD CompilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 55006-2
r-7801994-1449075198-7948-jpeg2008DelainSee Me In A Shadow (Single Edit) on Beautiful Voices III CD CompilationNuclear Blast
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2007ImperiaQueen Of LightCDLocomotive Records (USA version)
555695_455420281169526_412306767_n2007Imperia2 songs on Macig Circle Festival 2DVD2DVDMalaysia. Brutallica Production; MA 9015; 2DVD, Bootleg
555695_455420281169526_412306767_n2007Imperia2 songs on Macig Circle Festival 2DVD2DVDMagic Circle Music
r-2696156-13338843282007DelainLucidityCD Japan versionRoadrunner Records ‎– RRCY-21294
1dream2007The DreamsideRemix of "In Longing"CDDancing Ferret
r-2395610-1281675759-jpeg2007PrestigeDecades Of DecayDouble Digipak / Best of CompilationPoko Rekords / EMI
r-2175137-1268058515-jpeg2007DelainSee Me In ShadowCDS limitedRoadrunner Records ‎– RR 3872-3
r-1215705-1201348735-jpeg2007DelainFrozen - Song on 13th Street (The Sound Of Mystery 4) CD CompilationGolden Core ‎– GCR 81013-2
r-3496056-1332768752-jpeg2007DelainFrozen - Song on La Nouvelle Vague Hollandaise CD Compilation - PromoMusicXport ‎– none
r-1879081-1401914653-4378-jpeg2007DelainFrozen - Song on Fields Of RockCD CompilationCNR Music ‎– 22 22347-2
r-2131924-1346184685-8722-jpeg2007ImperiaNorway - song on 13th Street - The Sound Of Mystery vol IIICD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
r-3250155-13223469982007ImperiaBroken Wings -on GothicSpirits - Another RunCD Compilationc&b / Zyx Music (Germany)
r-1497216-1224121658-jpeg2007Sinmastersinnocence.lostCDCDC Finland ‎– CDC424696-9
r-961475-1179318868-jpeg2007ImperiaMirror on Large CD Compilation NLCD CompilationLarge
r-6073973-1410380779-8290-jpeg2007ImperiaBroken Wings -song on Gothic Spirits vol. 52 CD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
r-6073973-1410380779-8290-jpeg2007SatyrianThe Dark Gift -song on Gothic Spirits vol. 52 CD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2007ImperiaQueen Of LightDigipak + videoMassacre Records
r-3271609-1458472846-1651-jpeg2007ImperiaQueen Of LightCDMassacre Records
r-940397-1175376259-jpeg2007SatyrianThe Dark GiftDigi- MCDIronD
r-2218692-1270504390-jpeg2007DelainFrozenCDS limitedRoadrunner Records ‎– RR 3940-2
r-2218692-1270504390-jpeg2007DelainFrozenCDSRoadrunner Records
r-940397-1175376259-jpeg2006SatyrianThe Dark GiftDigi- MCDLion Music
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2006DelainLucidityCD ArgentinaIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 291
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2006DelainLucidityCD Roadrunner Records ‎– RR 8057-2
r-2426587-1351104746-6650-jpeg2006DelainLucidityCD + EnchantedRoadrunner Records ‎– RR 8057-2
61ahfdv3aml2006SatyrianEternitas-song on Gothic Spirit vol. 42 CD CompilationZyx Music (Germany)
61ahfdv3aml2006SatyrianInvictus-song Maximum Rock Magazin # 22CD CompilationProMusic Productions (Romania) ORDA - A2200286 00248
r-930165-1174069883-jpeg2006SatyrianEternitasCDIROND (Russia)
r-7298096-1438294556-5362-jpeg2006SatyrianInvictus-song on Close Up #84Compilation magazineClose Up (Sweden)
2006LacrimosaMusikkurzfilme + Lichtgestalten EP LTDDVD, DVD-Video,
CD, EP, Limited Edition
Icarus Music ‎– ICARUS 641 (Argenyina)
2006LacrimosaMusikkurzfilme + Lichtgestalten EP LTDDVD, DVD-Video
CD, Single
Irond ‎– IROND DVD/CD 06-36 (Russia)
2006LacrimosaInferno CDMoon Records (2) ‎– MR 1872-2 (Ukraine)
album2006AngelA Woman's Diary - Chapter ICDIROND (Russia)
r-930165-1174069883-jpeg2006SatyrianEternitasCDLion Music
r-2826453-13027914122005AngelFallen Angel - videoclipDVD Label CompilationBlack Lotus Records
r-2589586-12919876262005AngelFlames Of DesireCompilation magazineGothic #49
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDIcarus (Argentina)
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDHellion (Brasil)
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilme + Live HistoryDVDBootleg Russia
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVD SlipcaseIrond ‎– IROND DVD 05-36
2005LacrimosaGreatest Hits MCVigma ‎– 555 - Belarus bootlegh
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC05225
2005LacrimosaMusikkurzfilmeDVDHall Of Sermon / Nuclear Blast HOS 7910
2005LacrimosaCD Lacrimosa MP3 Collection 1 (Russia) MP3 CDIcarus
album2005AngelA Woman's Diary - Chapter IDigipak + ClipBlack Lotus Records
rt2005AngelFallen Angel on RocktibuneMagazine CompilationRock Tribune Magazine ‎– RT 0504
twsaints2005Two WitchesSaint's & Sinners2 CD CompilationAusfahrt GmBh
2005Lacrimosa"Stolzes Herz video" on Starfacts Presents 15 Jahre Gothic Metal CD, VCD, Compilation Starfacts
2005Lacrimosa"Copycat - Video Clip" - on Satura CDCD + clipSail Prod. (Korea)
angelsingle2005AngelDon't Wanna RunMCDBlack Lotus Records
2005LacrimosaMp3 Collection CD 1 CDRMG Records ‎– RMG 1754 MP3
2005LacrimosaSingles Collection + bonus trackDouble CDScarecrow Records (Mex)
2005LacrimosaThe Live History DVDScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC04108
2005LacrimosaThe Live History DVDIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 94
2005LacrimosaInferno CDIcarus Music ‎– ICARUS 109 (Argentina)
two_witches-the_singles_collection-frontal2005Two WitchesThe Singles CollectionCDShadowplay (Russia)
screen-2012-11-18-kohteessa-3-05-432005AngelLead You Through Fire on Brutal Compilation Magazine CompilationMetal Hammer ‎– none
1nachtsnew2004Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on Nachtswärmer - Die Klassiker IDouble CDAngel Star
2004LacrimosaB-Seiten: Single CollectionCDSail Productions ‎– 678979 (Hong Kong)
2004LacrimosaB-Seiten: Single CollectionCDSail Prod. (Korea)
2004LacrimosaThe Live History CD RomNot On Label (Lacrimosa) ‎– MS-3086 (Russian bootleg) Year?
2004LacrimosaThe Live History DVDIrond ‎– IROND DVD 04-11
1schattenreich22004Lacrimosa"Stolzes Herz - Video Clip" - on Schattenreich DVD DVD CompilationGun Records / BMG
plastic12004Two Witches"Dreamworld '94 - Deep Sleep Mix" - on Plastic Sampler Vol. 1 . Compilation CDPlastic Passion
r-3853079-1429815588-1805-jpeg2003SinMastersSeducer & Crashing Down CDCD-Maximum (Rus) ‎– CDM 1202-1277
monsters_of_metal2003Lacrimosa"Copycat - Video Clip" - on Monsters Of Metal Double DVD CompilationNuclear Blast
1hhrpromo22003Ancient RitesMother Europe - Live Version on Hammerheart Promo Sampler IICDHammerheart Records
sangre2003Ancient RitesFatherland (Live) - On Sangre Y Fuego video CD compilationVideo Compilation magazineGoimusic
1ardvd2003Ancient RitesAnd the Hordes Stood as One DVDSound & Picture Ltd.
1and-the-hordes2003Ancient RitesAnd the Hordes Stood as One CDHammerheart Records
2003LacrimosaInferno / Schakal Double DigipakIronD Records (Rus)
2003Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness ClassixCompilation CDNuclear Blast
2003LacrimosaInfernoMCMade in Ukraine by MOON Rec.
2002LacrimosaInferno / Schakal CD + EPScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC02020-0
2002LacrimosaInferno / Schakal MCMystic Productions (Pol)
evapd2002Danse MacabreEVA 12" Picture diskHammerheart Records
2002Danse MacabreMatters Of The Heart MCD + 2 videosHammerheart Records
2002LacrimosaInferno / SchakalCDIrond ‎– IROND CD 02-380
2002LacrimosaInfernoCDMonsters Of Rock ‎– MOFR 00067 (Russia)
2002LacrimosaInferno + bonustrack DigipakScarecrow Records (2) ‎– SC02020 (Mexico)
r-441780-11139492112002Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano Version)" - on Orkus presents the Best of the 90s II Compilation CDZoomia
ozsampler2002Danse Macabre"Danse Macabre (Remix)" - on Music for Generation ArmageddonLabel CompilationHammerheart Records
screen-2012-11-28-kohteessa-1-03-082002Danse Macabre"Danse Macabre" - on Promo Sampler vol. ILabel CompilationHammerheart Records
screen-2012-11-28-kohteessa-1-03-082002Danse Macabre"Cypress Tree" - on Promo Sampler vol. ILabel CompilationHammerheart Records
2002Danse Macabre"Danse Macabre" - on Oz Magazine nr. 17 Compilation magazineOz Productions (Mex)
2002Ancient RitesAnd the Horns Called for WarVideo ClipSound & Picture Ltd.
2001Danse MacabreEVACassetteUkraina
2001Danse MacabreDanse MacabreVideo ClipSound & Picture Ltd.
1eva2001Danse MacabreEVA CDHammerheart Records
2001LacrimosaCrusifixio (93-95 Clips + Silent Clips together)VHS compilationMonster Video
2001LacrimosaGreatest Hits 2001CDRussian bootleg CD
vinylbox-s2001Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on 7LP Vintage Classix 7LP BoxNuclear Blast ‎– NB 780-9
2001Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano version) " - CHAKAL (PIANO VERSION)" - on 7LP Vintage Classix 7LP BoxHall Of Sermon
2001Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on In A Gothic Spirit Double CD CompilationClub Dial
2001LacrimosaInfernoCDSail Productions (Kor)
r-6335443-1416751012-9216-jpeg-12001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)WHH Wizard Ltd. Bulgaria ‎– WHH 200.754
dim-poland2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)Mystic Productions (Pol)
r-5185248-1386952743-6556-jpeg2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)Фоно ‎– F082MC - Ukraine
r-4196666-1481558080-6054-jpeg2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa MC (chrome)Фоно ‎– F082MC - Russia
1actcom2001SinMastersActcom Label promobox Label Compilation + lighterActcom Music
terrorizer2001Ancient Rites??? - on Terrorized Vol. 13 Compilation magazineTerrorizer # 91 (UK)
r-150-2770713-13002829062001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla on 
Hard Rock N° 52

CD CompilationHard Rock – HRCD0052
r-5032239-1382648336-7616-jpeg2001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla on Voodoo Rock Machine Vol. 5 Magazine CompilationRiff
r-9202348-1479673874-6449-jpeg2001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla on A Sangre Y Fuego #02 Magazine CompilationGOI Music ‎– ASYF002CD
2001Ancient RitesVictory Or Valhalla Video ClipSound & Picture Ltd.
big_manserock2001Prestige"Sniff - Videoclip " - on Manserock IlmiöCD-RomDigidea
big_manserock2001Prestige"Maggots" - song on Manserock IlmiöCD-RomDigidea
sampler2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on Summer Sampler Label CompilationHammerheart Records
sampler2001Ancient Rites"North Sea" - on Summer Sampler Label CompilationHammerheart Records
isrham2001Ancient Rites"North Sea" - on Israeli Metal Hammer Vol. 15 Compilation magazineHammer (Isr)
r-784072-1337603360-7219-jpeg2001SinMastersCrashing Down MCDActcom Music ‎– ACTCD008
1rockhard2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on Dynamit Vol. 27Compilation magazineRock Hard (Ger)
r-9195414-1476463438-4009-jpeg2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - Metalized Compilation magazineMetalized ‎– none
1ablaze2001Ancient Rites"Victory Or Valhalla" - on Ablaze # 37 Compilation magazineAblaze (Ger)
mysticart152001Ancient Rites"Exile (Les Litanies De Satan)" - on Mystic Art Vol. 15 Compilation magazineMystic Art (Pol)
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa Double Fold LPHammerheart Records
r-2975457-1309976411-jpeg-12001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa CD, RussiaФоно ‎– FO82CD
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa CDHammerheart America ‎– 7202000262
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa CDHammerheart Records
1carcosa2001Ancient RitesDim Carcosa DigipakHammerheart Records
scenes_of_splendour2001Ancient RitesScenes Of SplendourCD-Rom BootlegLugburz
12wkansi2000Two WitchesAgony Of The Undead Vampire Pt. IICDActcom Music
r-8065889-1454483881-2985-jpeg2000SinMasters"Naughty (Again)" - on Actcom SamplerLabel CompilationActcom Music
carnival2000Two Witches"Maybe Next Year" - on Carnival Of SoulsCompilation CDNightbreed Recordings
dark_alternatives2000SinMasters"Naughty (Again)" - on Dark Alternatives Vol. I Compilation CDActcom Music
r-867146-1167168767-jpeg2000SinMastersSeducer MCDActcom Music ‎– ACTCD006
live_history2000LacrimosaThe Live History VHSHall Of Sermon
live_history2000LacrimosaThe Live History DVDHall Of Sermon
beauty_dvd2000Lacrimosa"Copycat - Videoclip" - on Beauty in Darkness Classics DVD CompilationNuclear Blast
beauty_dvd2000Lacrimosa"Stolzes Hertz - Videoclip" - on Beauty in Darkness Classics DVD CompilationNuclear Blast
1999Lacrimosa300% Super Golden Hits '99 MCBlockhouse (2) ‎– none - Russian Bootleg
1999Lacrimosa300% Super Golden Hits '99 CDBraiton Universal Company ‎– BR 301 - Bootleg
first1999Ancient RitesThe First Decade 1989-1999 Compilation BandMascot Records
1feuersturm1999Ancient Rites"Fatherland"- on Morbid NoizzCD CompilationMorbid Noizz Productions ‎– 6th Issue '98/1st Issue '99
1blackend1999Ancient Rites"Fatherland"- on Blackend Vol. IV Double CD CompilationBlackend
r-1986466-12900909861999Ancient RitesFatherland + bonustrackCDToy's Factory (Japan)
r-4136292-1356536079-2889-jpeg1999Ancient RitesMother Europe on Rock Sound: Especial Black Metal CD CompilationEditions Freeway ‎– RS-EBM01
gothic_maladies1999Two Witches"Burn The Witch" - on Gothic Maladies Trible CD Box CompilationCleopatra Records
r-7165558-1435178255-9285-jpeg1998Ancient RitesFatherlandMC, Unofficial BootlegBulgaria
1feuersturm1998Ancient Rites"The Seducer"- on Feuersturm Vol. II Double CD CompilationCentury Media
r-150-2765723-13000436381998Ancient RitesFatherland on 

Hard Rock Extreme N°5

CD CompilationHard Rock – HRCDH-S5
1998Ancient RitesFatherland (limited) CD Purple CaseMascot Records
r-1988953-12570209681998Ancient RitesFatherland CDMascot Records
tot1998Danse MacabreTotentanz MC tapeMoon Records, Ukraine
tot1998Danse MacabreTotentanz CDMascot Records
1998Lacrimosa"Schakal" - on Morbid Noizz 3/98Compilation magazineMorbid Noizz
r-570204-11503082521998Lacrimosa"Schakal" - on Ghosts From the Darkside Double CD CompilationEFA / SPV
Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness MCAgat Company Ltd. ‎– 0287 (Russia)
r-656496-11440972841998Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on Nachtscwärmer Vol. I Double CD CompilationZoomshot / Angelwings
1997Lacrimosa The Clips Video CDHall Of Sermon ‎– HOS 1003 (Bootleg CD?)
1gothic21997Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Out Of The DarkCompilation CDGun Records
club_sampler1997Lacrimosa"Copycat" - in Extreme Clubhits Compilation CDSPV
1sclips1997LacrimosaThe Silent Clips VHS Compilation bandHall Of Sermon
1997Lacrimosa"Stolzes Hertz Videoclip" - on Beauty In Darkness Vol. II VHS CompilationNuclear Blast
1997LacrimosaSchakalCDRelease Records (3) ‎– RR 06 G - Russian Bootleg, year?
1997LacrimosaSchakalMC compilationB.O.G.O.R. ‎– Russian Bootleg
main1997MainCrashing UpCDSMain
1996LacrimosaStolzes Hertz Video ClipHall Of Sermon
1boobytrap1996BoobytrapLa Cura Della Follia MCDBoobytrap
bites_and_kisses1996Two WitchesBites And Kisses Compilation BandCleopatra Records
touched_2_1996Lacrimosa"No Blind Eyes Can See" - on Touched By the Hand of Goth part. II Double Digipak CompilationSub Terranean
1btdemo1996BoobytrapPromo - DemoMCBoobytrap
we_came_to_dance1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on We Came To Dance - Indie Dancefloor Vol. VII Compilation CDSub Terranean
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness MCMorbid Noizz Productions ‎– 120 (Poland)
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness MCValentine Sound Productions ‎– NE 276 (Malaysia)
1beauty_2_1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness DigipakNuclear Blast
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Beauty In Darkness CDNuclear Blast ‎– NB 166-2
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat"- on Doom-Death Collection 1996 MCMoon Records (2) ‎– 098
1996LacrimosaInferno MCAngel's Of Hell Records ‎– 105 (Russia)
1996Lacrimosa"Copycat Videopclip" - on Beauty In Darkness VHS CompilationNuclear Blast
1clipsb1996LacrimosaThe Clips 1993-1995 VHS Compilation bandHall Of Sermon
1995LacrimosaInferno CD (Russia)World Wide Fun Club, Unofficial
1995LacrimosaInferno CD (Japan)Belle Antique ‎– MAR 96264
1995LacrimosaInferno MCWizard Ltd. (Bulgaria) WNB 200.019
1995LacrimosaInferno MCMorbid Noizz Productions ‎– 060 (Poland)
1995LacrimosaInferno MCTakt Music (2) ‎– 5329 (Unofficial)
1995Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Rock Business Compilation CDCCM Marketing
r-404932-1127118975-jpeg1995Lacrimosa"Copycat" - on Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series Compilation CDNuclear Blast ‎– NBCHECK02
r-1519281-1338830180-69341995LacrimosaInferno Double LPHall Of Sermon
lac1995LacrimosaCopycat Video ClipHall Of Sermon
r-946697-1184920958-11995Lacrimosa"Vermäctnis der Sonne (Acoustic version)" - on Gothic - Compilation Part. 5 Digipak CompilationA & M Music GmBh
touched_1_1995Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano version)" - on Touched by the Hand of Goth Double Digipak CompilationSub Terranean
r-954595-11769889831995Lacrimosa"Schakal (Piano version)" - on Silent Order - The Stigmata Compilation Compilation CDStigmata / Ossia
r-1519281-1338830180-69341995LacrimosaInferno CDHall Of Sermon
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screen-2016-12-24-kello-1-02-311990Prestige"Help The Science" - on ReindeerrockCompilation CDDiverse
972261_10151665930784593_1993578133_n1990PrestigeSelling The Salvation on Info Greatest Hits MCMC (Chrome)Info
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